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Premier Tree Removal Company in Etobicoke, ON

Tree Service Etobicoke has been exceeding expectations in the tree maintenance industry for nearly a decade. We lead by providing quality, fair prices and excellent customer service to our clients throughout Ontario. Whether you need Avon removal services or regular upkeep on your property every season; no job is too big or small at Tree Services Etobicoke!

Our team is dedicated to keeping you and your property safe. We do this by offering free estimates with no hidden fees, showing up on time for the job (and finishing it), wearing a uniform so that we’re easy-to-recognize in case of emergency or disaster outbreak, employing certified arborists who know what they are doing when it comes tree removal accidents – just lastly but not least importantly: after each project completion date clean up as if nothing ever happened because customer satisfaction matters!



You may have alternatives when it comes to tree services and that includes going door-to-door with offers. However, please be aware many of these folks aren’t bonded or insurance:

“I was offered a deal from someone who came into my neighborhood today.” Do you know what they are like? Many people think this means everything can get taken care of without any red flags because somebody is already on your block offering something for less money but there usually isn’t much difference between those prices after all!

As a homeowner or commercial property owner, you may be held legally and financially liable for tree service providers that do not afford these protections. Additionally consider if other companies will finance the work needed on your trees – we are happy to help with any costs!

We provide the best service at a fair price, guaranteed. Customer service is our top priority and we’ll never make any mistakes that many other companies do such as talk over your head; pressure you into buying something when it’s not what YOU want-or charge too much!

Our company offers an honest perspective on how they’d like things done without all those negative surprises.

No job is too small, large or difficult for us. We have the right professionals to handle any and all tree care needs!

We all know that trees are essential for our environment. They offer shade, they provide oxygen and clean water by limiting erosion in their neighborhoods – not to mention providing us with delicious fruit! There is a reason why so many people have them around the house; but sometimes it’s time we got rid of those dead ones…


You may think you’re covered by your homeowners’ policy, but it turns out that most policies are void if logs come into contact with the roof. Why? Well for starters there’s a lot of paperwork and legal jargon involved in determining how much coverage should apply – which means we need an expert who knows what they’re doing! But even more importantly than this: trees can bring down houses during strong winds or snowstorms (or both). That’s why our high-quality service offerings will help make Etobicoke residents safe from any unwanted damage caused by pesky branches sticking up too close to ya!


Tree removal can be a straightforward or more complicated process if there are nearby structures that present challenges. Regardless, you can trust us to plan and execute an effective strategy for both safety and effectiveness- the first step begins with one of our tree service professionals coming out assess your Etobicoke -area home/business property.


Our tree removal quote will include complete felling of the tree, assurance that your yard and property will look as if we were never there. We use our heavy equipment when necessary without risk to landscaping or other people’s properties so feel free to call us anytime for more information on this!

Tree trimming is an art form. It takes patience and skill to ensure that you’re not causing more harm than good when it comes down to the last branch, but we are committed from all sides of our business: 


– Remove dead wood which can be dangerous for other trees or people in proximity; 

– Maintain symmetry by removing unruly branches without destroying essential parts like roots so they don’t spread disease around your property with crooked tree lines everywhere.


If you have a tree that needs trimming, or at the least regular pruning to maintain its symmetry and safety from overhanging property such as homes and cars then we encourage you consider our services.


Like our tree removal consultation, we’ll meet with you to discuss your objectives in trimming/pruning and make recommendations based on experience. After an agreement is reached, it’s time for some hard work! We provide a firm quote that includes all necessary costs; this way there are no surprises when the job gets underway – unless something comes up along the way (and isn’t every project?). Our team of experienced professionals handles everything so just relax while they do their thing.


When we’re done, your tree(s) will have a fresh new look and be safe from potential safety hazards. The pruning process also helps to improve the value of this investment as well! You’ll never know that these trees were here when you walk by again – unless they need attention or something else is wrong with them.

Removal of a tree stump is the first step in restoring your yard. A stained-up ground and an eyesore are just some effects that can happen when you don’t remove all pieces of wood from around it, which will lead termites or ants into coming back again later on – even more so than before! And because these pests like living among dirt as much we do at times (termite), this could make everything worse for homeowners trying desperately to keep them off their property altogether–knocking down those pesky trees was never such an important decision before now; but with high-quality services available through us here at Tree Service Etobicoke, removing stumps becomes one less thing weighing heavily upon our minds.


Tree Service Etobicoke has the equipment to get rid of any size tree stump.  Whether we have removed your old one for you, or if it’s just time that something needs done and someone can come by with their grinder-we’re here! 


We will provide an accurate estimate before doing anything so there are no surprises once our work is finished; then set up an appointment at a convenient time in order finish everything off quickly without compromising quality service.

When storms damage your property, it can be hard to peace-of-mind. Our expert team deals with any storm related issues for a rapid response and work hard at restoring owners’ properties back into prestorm condition within 24 hours of arriving onsite during emergency services.


Often times when trees are blown down in strong winds or hit by large branches they leave behind an unsightly mess that needs cleaning up quickly before more debris comes crashing down around you. Luckily there’s Tree Service Etobicoke, our premier service provider specializing in clean ups after violent weather events!


Our team is the best at what we do and will be there for you in times of emergency. Our dedicated staff are experienced, fully equipped to handle any situation that may arise with our high-quality workmanship no matter how large or small your project might seem!

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About Tree Service Etobicoke

chainsaw cutting a thick tree with green glove

Our certified arborists have the knowledge and experience to understand what’s best for your trees, not just the individual tree but also how those decisions will affect you as a whole.

We exercise safety in everything we do because it’s important that our business practices are up-to-date with current standards. Additionally every member must carry general liability insurance beyond any personal injuries coverages so there is never unlimited financial responsibility should anything go wrong during service calls.

We show our customers and employees that we care about them in everything they do. Our equipment is first-class, which makes it easier for us to provide a superior service with every project! From cranes, cherry pickers bucket loaders; all of the tools are well maintained so they’ll work as hard for you while looking their best too on site or off site.

We have a unique approach to tree service. We don’t use our heavy equipment when it’s not necessary, like if the customer requests otherwise due to landscape issues or other concerns about their property. This way you can be confident in knowing we will always provide exceptional workmanship no matter what!

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